Tips for Enhancing the Durability of Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are stylish, and they make you look good. To maintain the stylish polo shirt, you ought to clean it properly. Failure to follow particular cleaning practices destroys the collar and may cause the polo shirt to wrinkle.

Here are the cleaning tips for polo shirts that enhance its durability.

Use Warm Water

The material used in making polo shirts is typically not less than 70% cotton. You should avoid cleaning your polo shirt with hot water. Hot water can make your polo shirt loose its color. Rather than using hot water, you should clean using warm water that keeps the fabric soft as new.

Wash it On the Inside Out

The collar of one of your polo shirts may be folding at an incorrect folding line or has creases. Washing your polo shirt when it’s on the inside out aids in keeping the collar in good shape. In addition, after wearing the polo shirt, you should put it in the laundry basket on its inside out.


Avoid Using the Dryer

To prolong the lifespan of your polo shirt, you should avoid drying it under extremely hot temperature. You should avoid using the dryer. To prevent the creases you should let your polo dry outside under gentle sunlight. Ensure that the sun is not too hot to prevent causing wrinkles on the polo shirt.

You surely can enhance the durability of your polo shirt by applying the washing tips we have discussed. Maintaining a Polo shirt is not that difficult as most people think.

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