Helping a Garage Company Choose a Polo Company

Last week, I got a call from one of the most reputable garage companies in the world, Garage Service Inc who wanted us to help them choose a polo company that would manufacture shirts for their stuff. Due to the complexity of most garage door tasks, they need quality shirts that would not tear of easily and could last for decades.


So we met with the company officials the following day to discuss the fine details. They informed us that they wanted a company that is reputable and has the ability to make polo shirts in bulk. We agreed to help them make a decision but on a condition to pay us a consultancy fee. They agreed and we sealed the deal. Here is a summary of the steps we took to get the right polo company for this reputable garage repairs service provider.


Our team spent ours browsing from one website to another trying to gather as much information as we could about the products that the companies offered. We even went a step further and sent a couple of our team to the companies to get a clear perspective of how they operate. In a nutshell, we took at least two weeks to do our research. Finally we had a list of five companies that we felt had the ability to make the shirts and deliver them on time.

Knock Out

We love to call this stage knock out because it is the stage when where we started to disqualify the companies based on their abilities, reputation, and experience. We were left with two companies which were equally capable of meeting our clients expectations. To make a conclusive decision, we requested them to make one polo shirt and bring it to our offices for review. After one day, each came back with a shirt, we carefully analyzed the material and even involved the garage door installation company officials.

As expected one of the companies did not meet the requirements and so we politely disqualified them and hired the other company. They signed an agreement with the garage service company to supply one thousand polo shirts per month worth $50,000.

On our part, the company paid us our agreed consultancy fee and agreed to involve us in their future projects. We hope that this company will not disappoint us, as that could compromise our reputation.

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