About Us

imagesVAZ6BK1QI am what you might call a man’s man.  I like my cars fast, my women voluptuous, and my root beer in a frosted glass.  For years I have been breeding pit-bull and raising chickens.  I am a hunter, husband, father, and not afraid to stand up to any injustice.

In all actuality I live my life to the fullest without any apologies.  As should any man.  Why must I apologize in believing that a man should provide and protect his family.   That a real man is one who spends time with his wife and children.  That doesn’t get his boxers in a bunch because some called him a name?  A man should be felt but not necessary heard unless the situation proves it to be necessary.

That is me in nutshell.

I run a small hunting and sports store, I have noticed over the years that men aren’t the same anyone.  That boys are weaker, more “sensitive”  what happen to boys being boys?  This is an injustice to little en everywhere.  I remember  as a boy playing with firecrackers, shooting BB guns, and blowing stuff up.  I am here to change that.

For years I have been complainant making observations to my family and friends that they  have encourage me to write down my opinions.  Now I am blogging along with running my small business.

i live on a small farm with my wife and our five boys.  When I am not blogging or at the store I like to spend time with family hunting, fishing, or simply enjoying a nice bonfire inn the woods talking and enjoying one another’s company.

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