Prevent Creases and Garage Door Installation Tips


Creases on the polo shirt, especially on the collar, make the shirt look sloppy. Most of us have had creased polo shirts a few weeks after purchasing it.

Let us discuss ways of preventing polo shirts from getting creases.

polo shirt

Turn it Inside Out

One of the most effective means of preventing wrinkles on your polo shirts is to turn the shirt inside out before throwing it into the laundry basket. To avoid creases on the collar, you should ensure that you not only turn the polo shirt inside out but also button the top button. Doing this also aids in removing creases on the collar of old polo shirts.

Drying it Gently

You should not let your polo shirt dry in the dryer for a long time. Instead, let it dry slightly then hang it outside to dry from direct sunlight. Also, letting it dry by direct sunlight rather than in the dryer prevents creases.

Wash the Polo Inside Out

You can avoid wrinkles on your polo shirt by ensuring that you wash it inside out. Put it into the washing machine when it is inside out and buttoned up to prevent the accumulation of creases on your polo shirts.

Folding the Polo shirts

Once the polo shirt is clean, make sure you button it up and fold it before storing it in your drawer.

You no longer have to have creased polo shirts, applying the above tips keeps your polo shirts free from creases.

Let us shift gears and look at some of the tips on how to maintain, install, and repair garage doors. Here is a short video to the help understanding this topic better.



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