The Secrets About Polo Shirts

Polo is one of the leading type of shirts in the world today that has managed to help companies make millions of dollars in profit for years consistently. Here are some of the things that nobody is telling you about this kind of shirts and you should know before placing an order or walking into a store and purchasing one.


They can Fade

There is this notion that polo shirts are made from a high quality materials that cannot fade. This is absolutely not true and you will believe me when you stay with the shirt for more than one year and use is extensively. The truth of the matter is that the material can be compromised by harsh cleaning reagents and so you need to make sure that you use the right reagents.

Can Stretch

Just like other types of garments, polo shirts can actually stretch and lose shape if you do not take care of them correctly. You need to ensure that you wash them correctly and store them in your closet folded to avoid this from happening. There is no shortage of resources that you can access online to learn more on how to maintain your polo shirts, that is not for me, to discuss in this article, maybe later on I might decided to write a post, who knows!

Finally, polo shirts are not that expensive, it is possible to find an affordable one online for less than $50 or less.

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